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Horowitz, Glenn Gould, Bill Evans, Duke Ellington…
~ Yamaha C3 users of the NY Steinway, the favorite instrument of the greatest pianists of all time!
This is a chance to purchase the piano of your dreams at a special price.

Please come with your trusted tuner.

We do not have a professional sales person at the store. Instead, please test pianosto fulfil your diligence and confirm their condition and compatibility with your own eyes and ears. When you find a piano that you like, we recommend that you visit us together with a piano tuner whom you trust.
When judging the condition of a piano, what you can trust more than anything else is not the sales talk from the seller’s point of view, but the words of the piano tuner from the customer’s side.
Of course, if you do not have a piano tuner in your area, or if you have other questions, you can always contact us by e-mail or other means. For more information about the pianos we sell, please refer to our website as well as checking the actual pianos.

Unnecessary overhauls are a waste of money. Reduce the initial purchase cost and spend the time and money on sound conditioning and tuning.

When selecting a Steinway in the U.S., we put a lot of effort into finding one that is in excellent condition and can be enjoyed as close to its original state as possible (HAM and NY Steinways are available, but we specialize in importing and selling NY Steinways).
We carefully select Steinways that do not require any overhaul or replacement of parts, so you can save on the initial cost. When you come across a vintage Steinway, please enjoy it as it is, even if it has a few minor scratches.
We suggest that you keep the Steinway in its original condition for the time being. Of course, we will replace or repair anything that may interfere with playing at the time of sale, so please rest assured.
The advantage of reducing excessive initial purchase costs for string replacement, hammer replacement, interior and exterior painting, etc., is that you can directly ask your trusted tuner to do this yourself at the time you need it, depending on your needs and playing style.
If you are able to spend your budget on hardware, it will be much more effective and bring out the full potential of your piano if you have your piano tuned and tuned by a tuner that you can trust.

We are now able to import directly from all over the United States.

We purchase directly from U.S. piano wholesalers and private enthusiasts, so there are no middleman margins. Our network is located all over the U.S. We also reduce our import costs by eliminating loss time and using our own import routes, which significantly reduces transportation costs.
For the most part, the only contact with a piano salesman is at the time of purchase. Some people often worry about after-sales maintenance, but most of the adjustments to hammers and action, which are directly related to tone and performance, and simple repairs and replacements can be handled by a tuner.
You can also order Steinway parts from our store.

We hope to bring the sound of the NY Steinway to as many piano lovers as possible.

The Yamaha C3 (186cm depth) is one of the most popular grand pianos in Japan, and many C3 class piano owners may be thinking about getting a Steinway someday.
A used Yamaha C3 piano costs around 2 million yen if it is newer in production. On the other hand, a used (vintage) New York Steinway M-type (170cm) costs no less than 5 million yen.
We set the price of a vintage Steinway, mainly M-type, at 3.5 to 4.5 million yen, which is very reasonable compared to the market price. Our store started with the question, “How can we deliver a New York Steinway to a Yamaha C3 user?

The best choice is the original condition made in the golden age of Steinway, which does not need to be rebuilt.

We import Steinway pianos mainly from the golden age of Steinway (circa 1900 to 1930), focusing on NY Steinway pianos that are as close to the originals as possible. This is because we believe that these pianos are the best pianos in the world, with outstanding tone and sound, and are widely versatile from classical to jazz.
When you imagine that these pianos are made with great care by wonderful craftsmen who have not been rationalized by the good old American industrial power and business convenience, the quality of the pianos is only lined up in favorable conditions.
And pianos in good condition are very rare. Therefore, the majority of pianos have been rebuilt or require rebuilding.
Rebuilding is a very delicate process that involves renewing everything except the body and steel frame, so there is a concern that the original value of the piano may be compromised if the work was not done at Steinway’s main factory or at a workshop with an established reputation for skill.
The service life of a piano cannot be determined simply by the number of years it has been used, but is entirely based on the environment in which it has been used. A piano that does not need to be rebuilt and is still in its original condition is the best proof that it has been treated with care over the years and will not incur unnecessary repair costs. This is why an all-original vintage Steinway is the best choice when it comes to purchasing a piano.

About our Chief Buyer

Admiring Yoshinao Nakata, he aspired to become a composer of classical music, especially Japanese songs, but failed the entrance examination for music college. After turning to popular music, he was aspired to become a professional drummer, but failed again. As a student, he was fascinated by Steinway pianos and visited piano dealers throughout Japan. He has inspected more than 200 Steinway pianos in Japan and abroad. After graduation from college, he has worked in a variety of jobs, including tenant management of commercial facilities, buyer of import goods, magazine editor, and writer. His hobbies include piano, drumming, ocean fishing, marathon running, skiing, drinking, and mahjong. Favorite composers are Bach, Beethoven, and Schumann. His favorite pianists are Horowitz and Gould. Favorite piano pieces are Bach’s “The Mean Law” and Schumann’s “Carnival. He admires Mr. Yuzuru Shimaoka for harmony and Mr. Jun Aoyama for drums.