Sales Methods, Transportation, etc.

We accept only bank transfers as specified by us.

Once you have decided to purchase, please pay 10% of the price as a deposit. After that, we will consider the property as sold and will keep it out of the hands of other customers.
When the move-out date is decided, please pay the remaining amount at least 3 business days before the move-out date.

We can arrange it for you. The transportation fee will vary depending on your location and conditions (number of floors, whether or not there is an elevator, etc.).
You may make your own transportation arrangements.

Once you have received an estimate of the transportation costs, please make payment together with the piano itself at least 3 business days in advance.
If you arrange your own transportation, please pay the shipping company directly.

Of course, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Due to the nature of the product, we give priority to the original item with regard to its condition.
For tuning, various adjustments, repairs, maintenance, etc., we will introduce you to a piano tuner or piano workshop with which we have a partnership.

The name of the issuer will be Retail Operations Corporation, which operates the store.

About the condition of the piano

Are there any cracks or other problems with the soundboard?
The pianos we sell have no visible major cracks or have been repaired, and furthermore, the soundboard and sound rods are not crimped.
Wood expands and contracts with humidity in the soundboard, so the wood joints may look like cracks.
Please note that each of these pianos is vintage item and will be in a differently defined condition compared to new piano.
The condition of each piano is described in detail in the description section of each item, and please ask questions if you have any concerns.

We import our pianos in their original condition, except for the ivory keyboard, which is in the original condition at the time of release.
We do our best to check whether or not the parts are genuine and describe them in the product description, but there are some parts such as strings, tuning pins, screws, etc. that we cannot distinguish in rare cases.
If there is any discrepancy between the description and the original, please judge the original first.

Please bring a tuner or someone with equivalent skills to view the action, or refer to the photos on our website.
Please note that the action may be damaged if you are not accompanied by a tuner or someone with equivalent skills.

The chair on display is included.

Most are individuals living in the United States.
Steinway pianos remain very expensive in the U.S., and many are owned by wealthy individuals or musicians.

All of our pianos are purchased directly from the United States. We do not have any Steinway pianos purchased from Japan.

Please contact us by e-mail through our website.

About the tuner and after purchase

We will dispatch a reliable tuner from our store for an additional fee.

The price varies depending on the technician, but it is generally around 15,000 yen. If you request a sound creation process called tuning or action adjustment called tuning, the price will vary depending on the amount of work.

We can order genuine parts from our affiliated U.S. dealers.

If necessary, we will introduce you to a piano workshop, etc., with which we have a partnership.

The number of years the piano can be used depends on the environment in which it is installed and how it is used.
If the piano is used in a normal way and is not overworked for competitions, it can be used for the foreseeable future without any problems.

The most important thing is to control the temperature and humidity. Floor heating is not recommended, as it can cause excessive drying of the piano itself.
A good rule of thumb is to keep the temperature between 15 and 25°C (59 and 86°F) and the humidity between 40 and 65%. Please avoid locations where the piano is exposed to underfloor heating or direct hot or cold air.

It depends on the strength of the installation site.


We are not an authorized Steinway dealer. We are an importer and distributor specializing in Steinway and other high-end pianos.
We do have a strong relationship with a Steinway distributor in the U.S., which allows us to import high quality Steinway pianos.

Of course we do. However, due to the small number of Steinway pieces available, there is no way to know when a Steinway in your desired condition will arrive.

It is possible, but it will likely be taking some time. Please contact us by e-mail through our website.

Although there are differences in materials used, construction, and appearance, both are world-class pianos that produce a wonderful tone.
The lack of distribution of NY Steinway pianos in Japan is due to the influence of distributors.

We do not have anyone on our resident staff who can give you detailed information.
We are very sorry, but please provide us with your contact information so that we can contact you at a later date.

Please contact us through the Contact Us form. If you are contacting us by e-mail, please include “ASAP” at the beginning of your message.