Steinway’s New Prices 20 Years Ago and Now

This is a quote from elsewhere, as I cannot currently find new prices on the website of Steinway's only domestic directly-operated store. Therefore, the prices are only a guide, but they are as follows.

Thoughts on the Showroom

Whenever I visit a showroom, whether it is for a famous overseas piano like a Steinway or a domestic upright piano, I can't help but feel somewhat nervous.   I start with a warning, "Please don't touch it," and when I call the sales clerk, he or she stands next to me for a long time.

The Ideal Steinway

Who is your ideal pianist? I like classical, jazz, and rock music, so there are many. I like Horowitz, Gould, Bill Evans, Makoto Ozone, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Osamu Mishiba... the list goes on and on.

Steinway Series, Models and Sizes

The Steinway lineup is very simple. With domestic pianos, the same overall length of about 180 cm is differentiated by series. If you are familiar with grand pianos, you may be familiar with the differences between the C series, G series, and S series, to use a Yamaha analogy.

What I Think About Horowitz

When asked, "Who is your favorite pianist of all pianists?" I think there are many people who would answer, "Horowitz. Of course, I am one of them.  I have only heard him play on CDs since I was born, but even from CDs, I can tell that his tone is distinct from that of other pianists.

STEINWAY & SONS Production Chronology

Serial Number Production Year Serioanl Number Production Yea...

Serial number and production date

Piano Trivia The serial number (serial number) of a piano, s...