Steinway Series, Models and Sizes

The Steinway lineup is very simple. With domestic pianos, each series is differentiated by size, even though they have the same overall length of about 180 cm.
If you are familiar with grand pianos, you may be familiar with the differences between the C series, G series, and S series, to use a Yamaha analogy.

In Yamaha, even if the overall length is the same, there is a rank difference between the series.
I remember that Mercedes-Benz also has different grades of S series, E series, and C series within the same model.

Steinway’s parts are all the same, starting from the frame and sound board to the action parts and even a single screw.
That means there is only one model, and it is all Mercedes Benz S series.
The only differences are the size of the frame and the paint finish, so the sound quality will remain the same except for the sound volume.

Below are the sizes of each of the current models.
Grand pianos (depth, keyboard side width, and weight) are as follows: Model D (274 cm, 157 cm, 480 kg), Model C (227 cm, 155 cm, 400 kg), Model B (211 cm, 148 cm, 345 kg), Model A (188 cm, 147 cm, 315 kg), Model O (180 cm, 146 cm, 280 kg) Model M (170cm, 146cm, 275kg), Model S (155cm, 146cm, 252kg).

Upright pianos (depth, width, height, and weight) are Model K (68 cm, 152.5 cm, 305 kg).

Each size is available in black glazed finish, walnut matte finish, and mahogany glazed finish.

The New York Steinway is also very well known for its black matte finish.

Hamburg Steinway’s V upright pianos are no longer manufactured, and New York Steinway also sold models such as the L model, which has the same depth as the O model but a slightly different shape, and the A III model, which is a size between the B and A models.

In recent years, we have also seen anniversary models, the Crown Gel series, which pursues a luxurious appearance with top-quality veneers, and pianos made in collaboration with other industries. However, the frame, sound board, and action parts, which are the key components of the piano, remain the same, so the sound will never be as good as it could be.

An interesting collaboration is with BMW. Both are top-notch brands, so there is nothing cool about them.
In fact, if you are using it for home use, the size up to around the normal O-type is sufficient.
The B model is so highly regarded that it is said to be the ideal model among all pianos, with the exception of the D model, which is a full-concerto.

This limited edition model was made to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Steinway Japan. The veneer is made of a highly rare wood called white ebony.
Steinway ① was made in collaboration with BMW. Dazzling black luster.
Steinway (2) made in collaboration with BMW. Dazzling black luster.