Steinway&Sons M-170 Made in NY 184327

Model NameSteinway & Sons M-170 made in NY
Price3,780,000 yen (4,160,000 yen including c-tax)
Year of manufacturecirca 1917
Place of manufactureNew York
ConditionExcellent Condition
Serial No.184327
SizeDepth Length 170cm Width 146.5cm Height 101cm
WeightWeight 275kg
FinishMatte finish (Walnut)
White keysAcrylic
Pedals3 pedals
Number of keys88 keys
Item No.
Display store【Ground Luxury Sound Tokushima Amico Store
1-5 Terajima Honmachi Nishi, Tokushima City
1-5 Terajima Honmachi Nishi
Amico East Building 4F
Business hours
10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Product DescriptionWe purchasedimported this piano directly from the U.S.A. to offer its best original condition.
The strings, tuning pins, hammers, etc. are all as they were in the original condition.
The keyboard was replaced from ivory to acrylic when it was imported to Japan.
The action is smooth and the hammer felts are still intact.
The action has been adjusted by a Steinway technician in the US.
There are no cracks on the soundboard, and the soundboard and soundsticks are not crimped.
The pin board is tight and in good condition.
The paint is original, but there are many scuffs, scratches, scratches, and fading.
The original bench is included.
The sound and tone of the piano are excellent as is, but with further work on the sound conditioning, the potential is immeasurable.
The piano is in excellent condition, and it is hard to believe that it was manufactured in the 1910s.